Welcome to My Thesis

This thesis uses spirometric and plethysmograph data to determine characteristics and overall health of the lung. Then I used the data to perform modeling and parameter estimation to discern parameters of the lung that traditionally are obtained through invasive procedures. If you are an authorized contributor please click the button above to enter or download the GitHub repository.

List of Experiments

List of Pulmonary Models

List of Thesis Created Models

Please read my thesis to discover these. Link and title will be displayed once thesis has been accepted and copyrighted.

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Authors and Contributors

In 2016, Louis Coleman (@LouisDColeman) created this GitHub repository for his Master of Science thesis. The other main contributor includes Susanne Jensen (@SusanneJensen).

Thesis Repositories are Private

This and other repositories related to my thesis work and collaboration in the acoustics lab are private and are not accessible to the public. All work related to my thesis will be copyrighted in my name.