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Have you ever wondered about what is possile if you add advanced science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) understanding to the development of your products and services?

Mobile Development

Add new dimensionality to your software using advanced STEM insight by applying modern data acquisition techniques, data science, research, modeling, and statistical analysis to mobile/wearable sensor and user data.

Modeling and Simulation

Reduce cost and risks to clients, consumers, and patients by learning new ways to research and develop while cutting project cost through the art and science of modeling and simulation. .


Make your product the strongest, fastest, sturdiest, and most reliable product on the market, while reducing production cost by designing, researching, developing, testing and integrating your product with current data-acquisition hardware and the understanding of modern condensed matter experimental physics and engineering techniques.


Creating gorgeous, accurate, precise, and informative publishing quality figures, journal articles, standard operating procedures, and project reports to satisfy your standards for professionalism.

Project Management

Guiding your project from point A to beyond point B in a way that epitomizes efficiency when it comes to cost savings and man hours while emphasizing industry's best practicies.

Electrical Design and Testing

Satisfying your design and test needs with wide experience in analog and digital circuit design and embeddeded systems development.

Please feel free to take a look at the portfolio section to see how these services helped previous projects become reality.


Under Construction: Most recent projects ranging from mobile app development to condensed matter physics experiments in superconductivity.


Under Construction: Louis Coleman's most recent and near-future achievements.

  • August 2012

    Bachelor of Science

    Inspired by the beautify of the universe and always wondering how things worked lead Louis to pursue and graduate with a degree in physics. His love of computers pushed him to learn about programming and his curious nature guided him to biomedical and electrical engineering electives during his undergraduate degree.

  • November 2013

    Sleep Counter App

    Dreaming of helping millions of people pushed him to use knowledge obtained during his degree program to help those with insomnia. A problem that has sometimes life threatening consequences!

  • 2016

    Master of Science

    Graduated in experimental physics!

  • June 2016

    Sleep Counter: Mobile/Wearable App Release

    Project will be released to the public after extensive beta testing! Get ready! Better sleep starts now.

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Louis Coleman encourages clients to rethink their design, process and service by helping them break free from preconceived ideas, refesh team creativity with solutions that make the final product and research highly competitive, and maximize savings passed on to consumers by helping management minimize project risk.

Louis Coleman

Developer, Engineer, Physicist

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